CBDB’s latest release Out of Line dropped May 4th, and its a solid record from top to bottom. It’s probably a slight departure from previous offerings from this southern jam band, and thats not a bad thing. Once purveyors of “joyfunk” these guys shifted focus since their 2015 release of Joy Fuck is Dead, and have since released an EP and a couple of singles that blend all kinds of musical styles. What is consistent though is Cy Simonton’s lyrics and storytelling throughout. It’s unfortunate that CBDB ​don’t make their way to the Northeast more, but in time, that too will happen for these guys. They are a great band, one that I think we’ll hear a lot more from. For more on CBDB visit CBDBMusic.com.

Show Notes:

**First Song:** 00:45 – Unintentional Liar

**Interview Begins:** 04:35

**Extro Song:** 23:50 – Opelika Yella