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Episode 4: David Lemieux

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s debut album, Rhino Records have released a special re-issue of the album, coupled with a live as yet unreleased recording of the Grateful Dead’s appearance at the Trips Festival in Vancouver in July 1966. We had a chance to sit down with Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux to talk about this release and his own set of archival releases Dave’s...

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Episode 3: Marcus King

A friend of mine, who’s opinion I trust implicitly when it comes to music, encouraged me to give The Marcus King Band a spin. What came out of my speakers almost immediately was a sound all to familiar, raging guitar, pleasing horn lines and the sweet sound of the Hammond b. I got up, I danced and I put the first track on repeat for hours….. To learn more about The Marcus King Band you can visit: http://www.marcuskingband.com/ For tour dates: http://www.marcuskingband.com/tour/ and… for some free tunes…...

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Episode 2: Levi Robin

Something a little different on this week’s instalment of The Sound Podcast. We sat down with Levi Robin to understand his music, his background and much...

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Episode 1: Holly Bowling

Imagine being so curious and transfixed by a live performance of a song by one of your favorite bands that you spend hours, transcribing and re-conceiving that song into something equally spectacular. Holly Bowling’s story takes a huge shift on July 31st, 2013 after experiencing the Tahoe Tweezer from Phish and her new journey begins. You can pick up Holly’s music here: CD / LP: http://bit.ly/blulp iTunes: http://bit.ly/hoboblu Spotify: http://bit.ly/hoboblu16 Catch Holly on tour: http://bit.ly/hobotixs <iframe frameborder=’0′ height=’200px’ scrolling=’no’ seamless src=’https://embed.simplecast.com/dfe1c3f7?color=f5f5f5′...

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