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Episode 174: Derek Trucks

I’ve had a chance to listen to the forthcoming Signs from the Tedeschi Trucks Band, multiple times, and it’s definitely eclectic and very strong. Their fourth album might be their finest collection of tunes to date. It’s a deeply personal album, and this band, has been through quite a bit the last few years…. The album is dedicated to Col. Bruce Hampton, and when our conversation started with Derek Trucks, I asked if tragedy, loss, and change, ultimately fuels the fire to make inspired music, full of hope, celebration and love. You can pre-order Signs in various configurations with...

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Episode 173: Phil Tessis of After Funk

When I first met Phil Tessis at a Jam Labs event here in Toronto at a local bar, he was a quiet, unassuming, gifted guitar player. What I didn’t know at the time, or rather immediately is that Phil is indeed part of an amazing Funk quartet that although local to Toronto has found some success across Canada and indeed the United States.

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Episode 172: Hayes Carll

When we were first were notified that Hayes Carll was releasing a new record, we needed to get in touch with him. He’s absolutely one of our favorite songwriters because he paints such vivid pictures and blends excellent words-smithing with a very dry sense of humor.

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