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Episode 170: Graham Young of Michigan Rattlers

The Michigan Rattlers are a four piece, originally as the band name would suggest, from Michigan. They are currently on tour opening for the Lil’ Smokies, and that’s a pretty big break for them, this early on. Rather than telling you about their sound and story, we caught up with Graham Young the band’s primary song writer, vocalist and guitar player. You really need to hear all of their debut Evergreen to get the full scope of Graham’s songwriting ability. For more visit michiganrattlers.com.


First Song: 01:43 – Baseball

Interview Begins: 6:00

Extro Song: 32:15 – Sweet Diane

Episode 169: Andy Hall – The Infamous Stringdusters

In late 2018, The Infamous Stringdusters released “Live from Telluride”. The 20 song album was indeed taken from an entire performance at that famed festival, and the set spans the bands 12 year and 8 album career. A Hard Life Makes a Good Song was a track off their 2017 Grammy award winning record Laws of Gravity. Though the album was released back in November, the boys have been on the road, you know, doing what they do, so up until recently we haven’t had a chance to catch up with anyone to talk about the live release, or their winter tour plans. Finally, we tracked down Dobro magician Andy Hall to talk about the live release and all the other things they have going on. Of course, you can also catch The Dusters on the road and you can check thestringdusters.com for all the relevant details and more.

how Notes:

First Song: 01:26 – A Hard Life Makes a Good Song

Interview Begins: 5:39

Extro Song: 44:27 – Tennessee Jed

Episode 168: Marc Brownstein

We’ve all been listening to the Disco Biscuits forever. We always keep an eye out for Marc Brownstein’s work, since we appreciate his work on bass, and he has similar taste in music. So when we read that he started this new project called Star Kitchen, a Funk type thing, we were jonesing to hear exactly what was going on. Luckily there is some music floating around, and we’re fortunate that tapers like Eric McRoberts who make awesome live recordings was at Stageone in Fairfield, Connecticut to catch Star Kitchen last week. Once we heard the music, we had to get Brownie on the line, to ask what was going on with Star Kitchen.

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:26 – Root Down > Soul Power

Interview Begins: 18:54

Extro Song: 1:05:52 – Living for the City

Episode 167: Rev Matt Rieger of The Lil Smokies

The Lil Smokies are a progressive bluegrass band has been around since 2009 and has gone some personal changes but have pretty much solidified their lineup since 2015. One of the newest members of the band is Matt “Rev” Rieger, a strapping grizzled guitar player who’s stellar picking and strumming certainly adds to the band’s sound. We caught up with Rev chillin’ ahead of a gruelling tour schedule that sees the band on the road for most of January through March.

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:26 – Ms. Marie

Interview Begins: 6:16

Extro Song: 27:32 – Paperback Writer

Episode 166: The Alpine Camp

It would be nearly impossible for me or the rest of the team to be aware of every band out there that somehow in some way fits into the community of music we bring you. So it’s nice when a band reaches out to us to tell about their project and what they are up to. We can’t feature all of them on the show, but there was something about The Alpine Camp that really intrigued us. Probably the blend of musicianship, song writing and fun, that caught our attention.

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:26 – Late In The Evening

Interview Begins: 5:41

Extro Song: 30:34 – Stolen


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