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Episode 153: Sam Bush

For the uninitiated, Sam Bush was a founding member of the band New Grass Revival, and as the name of this 70s outfit would suggest, this mandolin player and his cohorts including Bela Fleck, brought forth the progressive sounds of bluegrass that several of the newer bands are playing today. So it was quite a delight when a publicist sent me a streaming copy of Revival: The Sam Bush story. I knew many of the stories, but like most great documentaries, you always learn something new. The film, has been out on Amazon Prime now for a couple of weeks, and I’d encourage you to watch it, but first, have a listen to our conversation with Sam. The conversation started when I asked Sam how this film came about…

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:18 – I Just Wanna Feel Something

Interview Begins: 6:50

Extro Song: 38:01 – Everything Is Possible

Episode 152: Reid Genauer

Way, way, way back in the day, I was obsessed with a band from Vermont called…. Strangefolk. There was something at the time that I really dug about the gentile voices of the singers, the great playing and indeed the messages of the songs. I felt their sound was a throw back to other sounds I was digging at the time, like American Beauty from The Grateful Dead and Music from the Big Pink from The Band. It was 1997 as I recall, and I was a tie-dyed, Jew-Fro hippy, and I sought music that none of my classmates knew or cared about. I would read Relix, to learn more about The Grateful Dead, Phish, and once in a while, new bands like Strangefolk. I kept an eye on them, but they would eventually break up. Reid would later emerge as a solo artist and then founded Assembly of Dust. This is all to say, that this guy, no matter what else is going on in his life, is a musician, a very talented one. I’m fortunate some 21 years later, to reminisce with some of my favorite musicians and bring their stories to you. Reid recently released a social feel good experiment called Conspire to Smile. Its a cover album filled with songs that no doubt will make you happy in these difficult times. Oh, and the guest musicians on this record, are mostly people you’ve heard of on this show and in the community. You can get the album FOR FREE at

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:18 – Love The One You’re With

Interview Begins: 5:33

Extro Song: 39:07 – Not Fade Away

Episode 151: Chad from Dispatch

We’ve been big fans of Dispatch, since 1997’s “The General”. Wow, it just hit me, that was over 20 years ago. Their sound blends folk and reggae, and this trio, who are back at it in earnest after a tumultuous break, have never sounded better. We caught up with Chad who has many different pseudonyms to talk about Location 13, their political and social discourse and much more.

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:18 – Cross the World

Interview Begins: 5:08

Extro Song: 24:32 – Letter to Lady J

Episode 150: Katie Skene and California Kind

California Kind is a jam band super group from the Bay Area in California mostly. The sounds and playing may all sound vaguely familiar, since their sound in many ways, is reminiscent of other San Francisco based jam bands. More to the point though, this super group comprised of Katie Skene along with Barry Sless, Pete Sears, John Molo and friend of the show Rob Barraco all have been stalwarts of the psychedelic, jam band scene forever. Together they make beautiful music, that you no doubt will enjoy. Katie is the young lead vocalist of the troupe, who all take this project very seriously. In fact, each time that I met Rob during the summer at DSO shows, he mentioned this pet project. He told me that he was having an amazing time playing with this group. So it was quite a treat to sit down with Katie Skene to learn more about her specifically and about how the California Kind project came together and their plans for the future.

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:18 – Don’t Let Me Down

Interview Begins: 10:18

Extro Song: 30:47 – Tennessee Jed

Episode 149 – Farmer Dave of the Skiffle Players

The Skiffle Players are some what of a hodge podge of terrific California players including singer-songwriter, Cass McCombs, Neal Casal of Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Circles Around the Sun, Dan Horne also of Circles Around the Sun and Grateful Shred, Aaron Sperske of Beachwood Sparks along with the incomparable and outstanding Farmer Dave of Beachwood Sparks. Together they play a sort of Skiffle music that blends jazz, blues, folk and American folk all together. Its an extraordinary sound, and SKIFF their second full length album is a tremendous delight. Fortunately, we were able to catch up with Farmer Dave, the skiffle music historian of the group, and the glue that holds the enterprise together. We dig these guys a lot, and SKIFF is a hoot. For more on the Skiffle Players visit or check them out on Facebook. 


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