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Episode 159: Luke Miller from Lotus

While I’m not generally a Jamtronica fan, when Frames Per Second from Lotus hit my inbox I gave it several spins before reaching out to the Lotus team to get someone on the show. Actually, Frames Per Second was somewhat of a surprise for fans of this band, since they released it last week without the typical fan fare, build up, or hype that is assumed for new releases. I caught up with Luke Miller to talk about the new record and their plans for 2019. Really super interesting stuff, and I plan to get Lotus into more frequent rotation here at the studio. I really dig their vibe and the attention they pay to their craft. These guys are serious music nerds, and they work hard at what they do. From what I understand, their live shows are not to be missed, combining all kinds of awesome lighting to their high energy music. For more on Lotus check out

Show Notes:

First Song: 00:45 – Cold Facts

Interview Begins: 8:21

Extro Song: 24:41 – Aquamarine

Episode 158: The Kitchen Dwellers

The Kitchen Dwellers are a straight ahead bluegrass/newgrass band from Montana. We caught up with Max Davies  and Torrin Daniels on a rare off day, to talk about the Reheated Vol. 1 EP, their gruelling tour schedule and the potential of a new record in 2019. Shhhh don’t tell anyone. Our conversation started though with a discussion around the inspiration to cover The Band. While there are some tribute concerts a la “The Last Waltz” revisited, for whatever reason, The Band probably don’t get their proper due in the Jam Band community… until now.

Show Notes:

First Song: 00:45 – Don’t Do It

Interview Begins: 4:10

Extro Song: 29:38 – Chest Fever

Episode 157: Ben Sparaco

While you may not have heard of Ben Sparaco and The New Effect yet, no doubt in the coming year you will. Ben, a Florida native, has played in a Grateful Dead cover band and has performed with Butch Trucks amongst other jam band notables. The New Effect came together in 2017 as a trio with Berklee College grads Anthony Quirk and Adam Discipio in Nashville. The trio has spent a lot of time on the road and plan to get at it in an even bigger way in 2019. I recently sat down with Sparaco to learn more about the New Effect, their music and their plans. You can learn more about Ben Sparaco and the New Effect at

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:18 – Scared Of The Dark

Interview Begins: 5:14

Extro Song: 28:36 – Walk On The Levee

Episode 156: John Kadlecik

John Kadlecik has been on the show before and we always enjoy welcoming such a talented guy. We were absolutely blown away by his new solo record On The Road, not only because of the tunes but because the time and care John put into tracking the record. The whole record is tremendous, and I would encourage you to grab it at

Show Notes:

First Song: 01:18 – It’s Alright

Interview Begins: 5:14

Extro Song: 31:10 – Seen Love

Episode 155: Tara and Jeb of Donna the Buffalo

Donna the Buffalo, are in fact a band beyond description, blending all a host of genres, into a hodge podge of styles from folk, to country to zydeco to everything in between. The band has had a rotating cast of characters, but the principle songwriters and vocalists, Tara Nevins and Jeb Puryear have been at the helm of the herd since day one. Since the release of the White Tape in 1989, they have managed to host festivals, put out records, and tour extensively. Thats impressive for any band, let alone one that relies so heavily on touring for revenue. We caught up with Tara and Jeb on the road with the release of their latest record, Dance in the Street now a few weeks in the rearview mirror. Our conversation started when I asked if they ever get tired of the work that is an active touring band.

Show Notes:

Interview Begins: 5:27

First Song: 01:18 – Dance In The Street

Extro Song: 34:58 – Motor


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