Author: Ira Haberman

Episode 149 – Farmer Dave of the Skiffle Players

The Skiffle Players are some what of a hodge podge of terrific California players including singer-songwriter, Cass McCombs, Neal Casal of Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Circles Around the Sun, Dan Horne also of Circles Around the Sun and Grateful Shred, Aaron Sperske of Beachwood Sparks along with the incomparable and outstanding Farmer Dave of Beachwood Sparks.

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Episode 148: John Medeski of Mad Skillet

While John Medeski fronts Mad Skillet, an interesting four piece borne out of New Orleans jams, the project is certainly a sum of its of it’s parts. The band includes the under appreciated Will Bernard on guitar and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band rhythm section featuring sousaphonist Kirk Joseph and Terence Higgins on Drums. It’s a very cool project, one that I certainly would love to see live. I caught up with John Medeski fresh off a stint in Japan. I can’t begin to tell you what a thrill it was to talk to John, who is a freaking...

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Episode 147: Elliott Peck

You may remember Elliott Peck’s name from Midnight North the band she fronts with Grahame Lesh. This project however is more personal and the songs are mostly her own. The record features an all-star cast of a backing band, a who’s who of the San Francisco music scene. We’ve always been big fans of Elliott’s sound, but hearing her sultry twangy stylings as the sonic focal point is a tremendous treat. Elliott’s sound combines a lot of the things we enjoy about music. Solid songwriting, excellent performances, and genuine personality. There is no doubt she wears her influences on...

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Episode 146: Keller Williams

Keller is one of those guys we’ve been dying to have on the show, because he is so unique in his musical approach, while performing so many different types of music. He is an artist in the truest sense of the word, and we’re always impressed when we see him play, or hear what he has to offer the community. We were particularly intrigued by his latest effort, an album, without words, and for an artist that has a lot to say, well, its quite the feat. While some of the work on Sans is a rework of some...

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Episode 145: Lindsay Lou

Lindsay Lou and her band the Flatbellys have been mainstays of the current neo-bluegrass revival. Her recognizable sound is both memorable and refreshing. As a woman on the newgrass scene, there are no doubt hurdles she has to overcome to be part of the gang. We recently caught up with Lindsay to talk about her tour, the band’s more contemporary sound, and indeed being a woman in a male dominated environment. Our conversation started when I asked Lindsay how the audience is taking to a more eclectic sound, that keeps much of the Bluegrass tradition, but ads new flavours...

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