Author: Ira Haberman

Episode 80: Hannah Wicklund

Hannah Wicklund is a 20 year old that brings a very mature sonic presence, and I think you’ll agree both her playing and singing is solid for anyone of any age. Hannah wears her influences on her sleeve, and her 3rd record, this one self titled, will no doubt be her break through. We caught up with Hannah while she was on the road, and our conversations started when I asked just how young she was when she got started… You can learn more about Hannah by visiting and check her out on the road through February and...

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Episode 79: Duane Betts

When we caught up with Devon Allman a few months back, he was all jazzed about his new project, and getting to share the stage with Duane Betts in the Devon Allman Project. We’ve been playing tag with Duane on Instagram ever since, and we finally had the chance to sit down and chat. Dude is busy with gigs on both American coasts. For those who don’t know, Duane is quite an accomplished musician, having played and sat in with countless bands, and his own outfit The Pistoleers. He brings an eclectic rock n’ roll sound that spans the...

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Episode 78: Jim Cuddy

Jim Cuddy has been toiling in the music business for 35 years, for the most part as a key member of Canandian alt-country, country, folk-rock outfit Blue Rodeo. He has written and co-written some of the past few decades most loved and iconic songs, and brings a tenderness in both his words and performance that envelopes you and makes you feel right at home. He has been recognized by both peers and Canadians with several accolades and awards for his work. I’d suggest his true reward is continuing to work at an art he is so good at. He...

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Episode 77: Kellen Asebroek

Fruition has gone through tremendous change since it’s early days as an acoustic based string outfit in 2008, to a full fledged rock band. Maybe that’s why they enlisted noted producer Tucker Martine to help their sonic shifting moods for their fifth release. We caught up with Kellen Asebroek while on tour, to talk about the band’s metamorphosis and what the future holds. For tour dates, cool merch and more on Fruition check out First Song:  00:14 – There She Was Interview Begins: 04:36 Extro Song:  23:06 – I’ll Never Sing Your...

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Episode 76: Alex Koford

You may recognize Alex Koford’s name, the front man of Colonel and The Mermaids,  because he spends most of his time as the drummer in Terrapin Family Band and Phil and Friends. Beyond those duties, he’s also the drummer at Terrapin Crossroads and plays in Cosmic Twang with friend of the show Ross James. We caught up with Alex after watching some his fun and frivolity on Instagram in Hawaii. We spoke to Alex just before two Phil shows in San Francisco. The conversation started when I asked him how he hooked up with Phil. Show Notes: First Song:  00:14 –...

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