Author: Ira Haberman

Episode 179: Tom Hamilton Jr. of Ghost Light

You no doubt have heard the buzz not just in the larger community for Ghost Light, but from us here at The Sound Podcast. The quintet, made up of Tom Hamilton Jr., Raina Mullen, Holly Bowling, Steve Lyons and Scotty Zwang is exciting to all our ears, because it offers up something completely different than anything currently in our consciousness. So when we hear something fresh and exciting, well, yeah, we’re psyched. Up until now, Ghost Light’s music, in one form another has only been available through live performance. So this is a band, who’s fandom is totally built...

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Episode 178: Marcus Rezak

In fact because Marcus is such a phenomenal player, who’s style is hard to define much like his hero’s Frank Zappa, we thought it might be interesting to catch up with him and learn more about his record Gateway to the Galaxy and all the various projects he is in.

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Episode 177: Mike Gantzer of Aqueous

Back in September of last year we sat down with Mike and Dave from Aqueous on Episode 134 to talk about their album Color Wheel. It was their first in many years, and they were both really excited about their work on the record and were eager to go out and play their new material. Some 6 months later they released a compendium of live versions of Color Wheel songs, as part of the Element compilation series. While live shows have been available through nugs.net, this third volume of Elements showcases their favorite live versions of Color Wheel tracks....

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Episode 176: Stanton Moore of Galactic

We’ve been big fans of Galactic dating back to 1998 and Crazy Horse Mongoose. They’ve always been a band that’s hard to describe blending New Orleans funk with R&B, soul, rock and several other sounds. In fact it’s almost impossible. What we appreciate most, aside from the music though, is the ambassadorship for New Orleans this band has taken on, no matter where they go, or what they do. They not only share the passion for the music from that town, but they’ve put their name behind the notion of curating music from all around North America with their...

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Episode 175: Tim Bluhm

When I heard Tim Bluhm was releasing a “country” solo record, his seventh if you count his Ball Point Birds stuff, we were eager to get him on. It’s true, Sorta Surviving, has a country feel, which made us even more curious about the project. While the album isn’t out until March 29th, we were eager to unpack the record with Tim, since we’ve been playing it quite a bit in the studio. You should definitely refer to timbluhm.com for tour dates, news about the record’s release, and more. Show Notes: First Song: 00:44 – Sorta Surviving Interview Begins:...

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