Author: Ira Haberman

Episode 74: G.Love

G.Love is actually Garrett Dutton, a Philadelphia native who toiled in clubs and bars playing his brand of hip hop blues before getting to Boston where he met the “special sauce” in 93. That connection propelled G. to his first record deal and 25 years later, the rest as they say is history. Since he is celebrating his 25th year, we sat down with the guy that’s played with all kinds of great people, but more to the point has made great music in his own right.G.Love and Special Sauce’s longevity in its various forms is absolutely a testament...

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Episode 73: Tyler Kyte of Dwayne Gretzky

Something slightly different today. We’ve talked to members of bands like Pink Talking Fish, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and even Dark Stark Orchestra, who by all accounts are tribute or cover acts that stick for the most part to one bands catalogue or in the case of PTF three bands. In Toronto and the surrounding area, there has been a ground swell of support over the last few years for a collective called Dwayne Gretzky, an ensemble that features a wide variety of covers in their shows. Sometimes, they even have theme nights like playing a 90s night, a...

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Episode 72: Ryan Gullen of The Sheepdogs

The Sheepdogs’ sound is a familiar one, and this is a band that wears their influence on their sleeves, and don’t care. I’ve been following the career of The Sheepdogs for quite some time and we’ve shared many laughs along the way. Thats why I was excited to get bassist Ryan Gullen on phone to talk about their 6th studio album, and everything going on with them. Definitely blue collar types that love the music they write and play, and that genuine approach comes through in everything they do. If you’ve never heard of The Sheepdogs, you can check...

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Episode 71: Ed Jurdi of Band of Heathens

When I sit down each week to compile The Sound Podcast’s Weekly Mix-Tape playlist, the goal is always to find artists and songs that fit the general philosophy of music that we love. Meaningful, inspirational tunes, that are genuine in their creation, and authentic in their sound. Obviously the playlist is compiled from songs and artists that we already know and love, but sometimes, I come across a new artist that is new to me, that may in fact may not be new to anyone else. Such apparently was the case when we added Sugar Queen by The Band...

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Episode 70: Grayson Capps

I enjoy talking to solo performers, the singer-songwriter type, because there isn’t anything more genuine than a performer and their guitar. When you peel the layers of any song, ultimately it’s that individuals ability to connect with their audience through their words, and the way they play their instrument that makes a lasting impact. I’m often in awe of the process, as much as the performance. So it was a treat to connect with Grayson Capps a man who you will soon hear doesn’t take his craft too seriously, but is serious about what he does. I suspect we’ll...

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